Radio Javan for PC – Review, Features and How to Download


Radio Javan is a radio app that allows you to listen to Persian radio stations 24/7. The app partners with several Iranian radio broadcasters so that you can listen to your favorite program, music shows, interviews, sports, etc., anytime, anywhere in the World. For your game pleasure, Radio Javan comes with six exciting games which […]

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How to install Air Display 2 for PC (Windows and Mac)


Air Display 2 is an app that enables you to get extra display screen space. The app works very smartly to offer space for your work on multiple devices. Air Display 2 works like a book or paper by providing space on which to display your work. It is also effortless to use. When you […]

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How to install Ringer Dialer for your PC


Ringer Dialer is a free communication app that allows clear and fast video and audio calls between users. The app can be used on Android systems but also on PC’s/laptops when downloaded following the steps you will learn later in this article. The good thing about Ringer Dialer is that it can be used anywhere […]

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Steps for getting Musically on your PC


Musically for PC is a video making app that lets users create HD video apps and dub them to their names. The app has amazing features such as social media sharing buttons and editing functions that allow you to save your video and then add unique features to it later. The app syncs perfectly with […]

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Install RadarScope on your PC using an Android Emulator


RadarScope is a weather detection app that sends weather warnings such as approaching storms, thunder, lightning, floods, and other reflections and velocity. Radarscope efficiently works on Android systems, but you need a radarscope for PC if you want to use the app on your PC. Getting RadarScope on your PC is helpful for purposes like […]

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How Do I Make a Group in Address Book to Send Email To?


Have you found yourself sending emails to the same people about the same subjects over and over again? Wouldn’t it be easier just to send it to one address and have them all get it? It’s easy with Groups in Address Book and Mail. Let’s say you send out news and pictures about your family […]

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How Do I Fix My Photos With iPhoto?


Introduction to the Edit Mode. iPhoto is a full application designed to import, sort, edit, print, and share your digital photographs. In this tutorial, I am going to look at what tools iPhoto offers the user to fix photographs and I am going to explain how to use its tools to get real results. We […]

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