Do I Need to Buy an AirPort for My Wi-Fi Network?


A lot of people wonder if they have to get an Apple-branded base station to set up a wireless network at their home or office. The answer, fortunately, is no, you don’t have to because Apple has been supporting common Wi-Fi standards for years now. In fact, Apple has learned its lessons and has been […]

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The Simple Guide to Buying a Digital Camera For Your Mac


Digital camera companies love to put all sorts of numbers on their boxes, or in product descriptions, to wow consumers. What numbers matter though? What do those numbers mean? What do you do with the numbers? I will lead you through the most common selling points, letting you know what to really look for. One […]

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What Are My Choices In Using a Mouse With My New Mac?


When it comes right down to it the preference in mice is a personal one. Different features are important to different people. Different situations call for different mice. Up until the Mighty Mouse was released in 2006, Apple held steadfast in a one-button mouse. Their reasoning was simple usability – one is easier than two. […]

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Where Is the Best Place to Buy Software for My New Mac?


It’s pretty cool that your new Mac comes with so many great applications, but for many new Mac owners, more software will be necessary. We’ve covered shareware and freeware in David’s Top Shareware and Freeware Picks, but where should you turn for commercial software like Adobe and Microsoft apps? There are 3 criteria for choosing […]

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Need Speed – How Fast of a Mac is Fast Enough?


Recently in the My First Mac-Forums, a reader wanted to know what the right specs should be for his new Mac. It’s a good question because Apple often offers 3 levels in each of their lines. Without actually having the Macs to compare, how can you know how much Mac is enough? The first point […]

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What Mac Stuff We Like to Buy on eBay


If you are like me, going to the Apple store to buy Mac gear is a great experience. Everything in there is made for the Mac user. No checking the back of the box to see if it works on Macs. No clueless looks from the sales guy. Apple Retail has been carefully created and […]

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