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iusethis-221So, with the thousands of applications available as Freeware or Shareware, how does one weed through them all to find the gems? There is a site now for OSX called iusethis that promises to assist in this effort. The concept is simple; you create an account online and then download and install a client application called “AppFresh.”

AppFresh looks at all of the applications you have installed on your machine and uploads a list of them to your online account. But the benefit does not end there. Another surprising function of this application is that it attempts to look for the latest versions of your installed applications online and notifies you of the ones that can be upgraded. Upon choosing to upgrade them, AppFresh begins to download and upgrade the versions on your machine for you. Bonus!


Back online, you are presented with a list of all of your applications from which you can see how many other users have the application installed, a description, and tags for other applications of the same type. The assumption is that the number of users indicates a relatively popular application.


You can also mark specific applications that you love to use. This tagging of a “loved” application becomes a neat feature for anyone using FaceBook. There is a FaceBook iusethis application that then displays the applications you love to your friends and family.

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Where the true value of iusethis comes into play is when you are looking for a new application or an application to serve a purpose. For example, I wanted to find an application that would sync my iTunes music library between my MacBook Pro and my G5. After a quick search of the site, I found an application called SuperSync. Although there were only 2 users of the application, after a review of the Application’s website, I discovered this was what I really wanted. It is now in my iusethis profile and marked as, well, loved.

What’s your experience with iusethis been like? Any tips you want to share? Let us know in the MFM Forum thread below!

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