Can I Do Everything on a Mac that I Do on My PC?

word-excel-icons-programsWorried about what you will have to give up if you switch to a Mac? We’ll break down what you can and can’t do on a Mac that you do right now on your PC.

Let’s start with three categories of compatibility: Seamless, Same but Different, and Uh-oh. For the sake of brevity, I’ll try to stick to the most commonly used programs that cover most consumer computer uses.

Seamless. This group of programs is more or less the same as what you used to on a PC. They might look a bit different, but the Mac version works just as you’re used to. Other than email, these programs comprise the bulk of typical computer use and are written by the software companies for both Windows and Mac using the same file types.


Same but Different. In this group are programs that are written only for Windows but have a good or better match on the Mac. For these, you can get the same functions you are used to, but in a different software product. You shouldn’t find much of a learning curve with this group since they are doing essentially the same thing.


Uh-oh. This last group encompasses the vast realm of niche Windows products too numerous to list here. If you discover that there are no adequate Mac software titles that can replace your vital Windows program, this is where Apple’s shift to the Intel chips will really help you out. Your solution lies in running Windows on your new Mac.

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Huh? That’s right. Because Macs and PCs use the same Intel processors these days, you can buy a copy of Windows XP or Vista and install it on your new Mac. It may cost a few dollars to go out and buy Windows, but it will give the peace of mind that you can cover all your bases in a time of need.

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Bonus Round. There are two benefits of switching to the Mac that are easily overlooked in this discussion. The first is that you won’t need to buy any anti-virus and anti-spyware programs for your new Mac. Not only do you get to save that money, but you also save yourself the headaches of installing them and keeping them up to date. The second benefit is the free group of iLife applications that come with your Mac. These iLife programs that help you manage, create and manipulate media are unmatched by anything available on the Windows platform.

So as it turns out, you can do everything on a Mac and more than you do on a PC right now. You might have to learn a few tricks, but My First Mac is right here to help you out, along with the rest of the Mac family.

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